Child Development Services

Our Child Development Services are for children who are experiencing developmental delays or difficulties in Melbourne suburbs including Parkdale, Westall,  Chelsea and Patterson Lakes.

We have a team of clinicians who work in different areas of child development, such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Paediatricians and Dietitians. Depending on the child’s needs, they may see one or more clinicians.  Services are available for both community health and NDIS Early Childhood Intervention clients.

Working together with Parkdale, Westall, Chelsea and Patterson Lakes families on child development

Parents, carers and families play the most important role in supporting their child’s development. We work closely with families to plan and set goals for their child, based on the child’s strengths and interests and the parents’ concerns and priorities for their child.

What child development services will families receive?

Families referred to the service will be invited to an initial appointment. During this appointment we will discuss parents’ concerns, goals and priorities.

Depending on the needs of the child, the plan may include a range of service options such as:

  • Activity ideas and resources for home, school or childcare/kinder
  • Individual or group therapy appointments
  • Information on community programs
  • Referral to another service

CBCHS will work with families to develop a plan, which will be based on:

  • Working in partnership with the family on goals that are most important to them and their child
  • Increasing the family’s skills and confidence to support their child’s development in every day environments
  • Allowing time to practice skills
  • Supporting families to access other services and community resources

If you need support for your child’s development, contact our friendly team. Our service locations are easily accessible across Melbourne including Westall, Parkdale and Chelsea.


Please go to our fees page to see the costs for these services.

Please note: a different fee structure applies for NDIS Early Childhood Intervention clients. NDIS fees are as per the current NDIS price guide.

CBCHS is Committed to Child Safety

For further information about CBCHS commitment to Child Safety, the Victorian Child Safety Standards or to find out more about reporting Child Safety concerns please go to our Commitment to Child Safety Page.

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