At CBCHS, our fees vary depending on the type of service or program you receive and, in some cases, your level of income.

As a not-for-profit organisation funded by Government, some of our services are free while others require a fee. Low cost services apply for Health Care and Pension Card holders.

While clients are expected to pay the nominated fee, no one will be denied a service due to an inability to pay. Free services are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Please contact 8587 0200 for further information on our fees.

Specialist Medical Services

No fees apply for our Paediatrician and Geriatrician as these services are bulk billed. These services are available to everyone – you just need a current Medicare Card.

Allied Health Services

Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Diabetes Education, Dietetics, and Speech Pathology:
Fees range between $10 (for Health Care and Pension Card holders) and $92 depending on your financial circumstances. Fees apply for face-to-face and Telehealth (phone and video conference) appointments.
Chronic Disease Nursing: This is a free service, no fees apply.

Child Development Services

No fees apply for the Paediatrician as this service is Bulk Billed.

No fees apply for the Child Psychologists therapy and groups – fees apply for some assessment reports and will be discussed with you at the time of service.

Child Speech Pathologist, Child Occupational Therapist and Child Physiotherapist:

Fees range between $10 (for Health Care and Pension Card holders) and $92 depending on your financial circumstances. Fees apply for face-to-face and Telehealth (phone and video conference) appointments.

Group sessions are generally $10 per session or $5 per session for Health Care Card and Pension Card holders.



Free for children 0-17 years who:

  • Have a Health Care Card or are dependants of card holders
  • Are eligible for the Medicare Child Benefits Scheme (CDBS)

All other children 0-12 years pay a fee of $34.50 per course of care which includes a check-up and all general treatment. Fees per family will not exceed $138.

Health Care or Pension Card holders over 18 years

  • A fee of $29.50 applies for general dental and emergency appointments
  • For general course of care, fees will range from $29.50-$118
  • Dentures and other specialist appointment will incur a separate fee: $70.50 per denture, capped at $141 for a full upper and lower denture.

Counselling & Psychology and Alcohol & Other Drug Services

General Counselling & Psychology, Alcohol & Drug Counselling, Withdrawal Services, Youth Outreach and Needle Exchange.
Free for eligible clients.

Group Activities

$10 per session or $5 per session for Health Care and Pension Card Holders.

Disability Service

Clients require an approved NDIS Plan to access our services through the NDIS. Clients are responsible for the small costs associated with activities such as entry fees, equipment, materials and transport. Costs will be documented in a Service Agreement and invoiced monthly.

For supports funded by NDIS, the maximum price per the latest NDIS price list will apply.

As a registered NDIS provider, CBCHS prices for assistance with self-care and community and centre-based supports are charged at the TTP (Temporary Transformation Payment) rate.

The price of NDIS funded services will be adjusted in line with changes in the NDIS price guide. The updated prices will apply from the date the price update takes effect.

Click here for the current NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue.

Social Support Groups

All Day Groups $16, Half Day Groups $6.

This includes transport as well as morning tea and a hot lunch for the All Day Groups.


Bulk billing for Health care and pension card holders

Consultant fees are payable on the day. We can transmit your claim directly to Medicare for you and your Medicare rebate will be paid into your nominated account with 24 hours. You must register your bank details with Medicare to receive this service.

For patients that are not health care card and pension card holders, the fees are as follows:

Consultation Type Medicare Rebate Standard Fee Out of pocket expense
Initial Appointment

Medicare Item 132

$227.70 $277.70 $50
Initial Appointment (Brief)

Medicare Item 110

$130 $160 $30
Review Appointment

Medicare Item 133

$114.00 $144.20 $30
Brief Consult

Medicare Item 116

$65.20 $95.20 $30