Pilates is a form of exercise that uses controlled movements to improve physical strength, flexibility, coordination and posture. There is a strong focus on learning to turn on your “core muscles” and other “stabilising” muscles that assist in protecting your joints and help you to move well.

We offer various class styles to meet your individual needs, including Studio Pilates for rehabilitation of conditions, and Mat Pilates for your wellbeing and fitness.

Studio Pilates

We provide the following programs, run by qualified Physiotherapists, to assist your recovery from musculoskeletal conditions such as muscle or joint pain and injuries:

  • Strong Spines – is designed for the treatment of neck and back pain, and can be tailored to your specific condition.
  • Clinical Pilates – is a small group class in which each participant is prescribed an individual rehabilitation program.




  • Strong Spines 1-2pm
  • Clinical Pilates 2-3 pm, 4-5pm


  • Strong Spines 1-2pm
  • Clinical Pilates 2-3 pm, 4-5pm


Strong Spines:   $5 for Health Care Card and Pension Card holders

Clinical Pilates:  $10 for Health Care Card and Pension Card holders

Mat Pilates

Provides an all body workout, run by our qualified Pilates instructor and is designed for those wishing to improve their general physical conditioning and develop a stronger mind body connection.


This service is available to everyone however priority access is given to Health Care and Pension Card holders.

A Physiotherapy assessment is required before commencing this group.

How can I join?

For inquiries and bookings, please phone 03 8587 0200