Telelink® gives people with limited mobility the chance to socialise by taking part in group phone conversations of up to 10 people at a time.

Using their home phone, each person can hear and speak to the other people in the group. The service is provided by Telstra and is free.

Service Description

Telelink® sessions are organised by a coordinator at a pre-arranged time.

A weekly group phone meeting provides an opportunity for participants to gain emotional support on a regular basis among friends. Topics discussed in groups are structured by coordinators in conjunction with participants. They include current news, sport, art, language groups or guest speakers on specific issues.

CBCHS works with agencies throughout Victoria to promote and facilitate the usage of Telelink® as a means of linking together people, and improving their general wellbeing.

CBCHS through the Telelink® program aims to:

  • Inform agencies about the benefits of linking people who are housebound
  • Assist agencies with the planning, coordination and development of groups
  • Connect groups via Telstra
  • Train agency staff and volunteers in the procedures of Telelink®
  • Provide ongoing supervision and support to agency coordinators
  • Facilitate regular Victorian Telelink® Coordinators Network meetings.


Agencies or groups who provide or would like to provide services to their client group.


This is a free service.

Starting a Telelink group

Agencies wanting to start a Telelink® group can contact Coordinator Angela Drane on 03 8587 0301 for application information.

Telelink® is a registered Trade Mark of Telstra Corporation Limited.