The aim of the CBCHS Alcohol and Other Drugs Program (AOD) is to provide a range of treatment and counselling services to adults affected by drug or alcohol related issues, and their loved ones.

The program is part of an integrated community health service which includes nurses and allied health staff supporting this client group to readily access the quality services within the AOD program and greater community health services.   We aim to provide a friendly, welcoming and culturally safe environment for all clients, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and their families.  Our services are consistent with the Victorian Alcohol and Other Drug Client Charter.

Service Description

Our Program is confidential and non-judgemental and includes:

  • AOD assessment,
  • AOD counselling (forensic and voluntary),
  • Non-Residential Withdrawal (forensic and voluntary),
  • Peer support (SMART Recovery),
  • Needle and Syringe Program (NSP Chelsea),
  • Education and referral.

All programs support positive behavioural change in people, providing evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Services focus on working collaboratively with clients and their families and providing recovery-oriented care.  Working with other service providers in the sector, we aim to ensure client and family/carer needs are met with access to short-term case management as you recover, facilitation into the appropriate rehabilitation service and links to support carers.


  • Any individual or family member (18+) who lives, works or studies within the Cities of Port Philip, Glen Eira, Bayside, Stonnington and Kingston or have a close social affiliation with these  communities. We also have a “no closed door policy” so in certain circumstances, we are able to accept referrals outside of the catchment.
  • AOD services at CBCHS are accessed through a catchment-based intake and assessment service (Bayside Alcohol and Other Drug Service). The service screens and assesses clients’ AOD severity and complexity and refers to our services where appropriate.  We also accept walk-ins and direct referrals where appropriate. Forensic clients are referred through ACSO (Australian Community Support Organization).


This is a free service – no fees apply.

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