Our Social Support Groups program has two outings-based groups for people with early stage dementia.

One group is for younger people with early stage dementia, the other is for people with early stage dementia who are older than 70.
The activities and outings are designed to meet the individual needs and interests of clients and provide respite for their carers.


Give It A Go
Wednesdays 9.00-3.00

Transport is available, we will discuss this with you during an initial meeting.


People who have been diagnosed with early stage dementia.


$25.00 per session which covers transport, lunch, entrance fees etc.

How to access this service

For inquiries about the program please phone 03 9581 8500

For people over 65, access to the service is by referral via My Aged Care. Clients can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to register and they will assist you with a referral to us. Alternatively we can assist you with contacting My Aged Care and the referral process.

If you are under 65 please call us directly to discuss this program.

Once the referral is made, a member of our team will organise a time to visit. The meeting will involve the client, their carer and other people in their life, including family members or a case manager. The purpose of this meeting is to establish the potential client’s interests, needs and availability to attend.