Paediatric Physiotherapy
Our Paediatric Physiotherapist assesses and makes recommendations for treatment of children with musculoskeletal or developmental concerns.

This service is available for children with difficulties in the following areas for both community health and NDIS Early Childhood Intervention clients.:

  • Babies with a positional head turn, neck tightness or a flattened head
  • Crawling or walking
  • Help to achieve milestones such as rolling, crawling, walking
  • Toe walking
  • Posture of the body, spine, hips, knees and feet
  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Muscle and joint pain and injuries
  • Strength and stamina

What services do we provide?

Families who access the service will be invited to an initial appointment. During this appointment we will discuss parents’ concerns, goals and priorities.

Depending on the needs of the child, a range of service options will be offered such as:

  • Assessment and support for children with developmental delays
  • Activity ideas and resources for home, school or childcare/kinder
  • Individual appointments
  • Information on community programs
  • Referral to another service

Who can access this service?

Children aged 0-12 years

Do I need a referral?

No, please contact us and make an appointment


Please go to our fees page to see the costs for this service.

Please note: a different fee structure applies for NDIS Early Childhood Intervention clients. NDIS fees are as per the current NDIS price guide.

How to contact us

Call us to make an appointment or email intake1@cbchs.org.au