Paediatric Speech Therapy

Our experienced in-house team of integrated allied health professionals work with families to support children with a disability or developmental delay to learn, develop and reach their full potential. We offer consultations over the phone, online video conference or face-to-face – in the comfort of your home, at school or at our clinic.

  • Occupational Therapy: Our occupational therapists support your child to process sensory inputs (e.g. sound, vision, touch and movement), balance skills (e.g. running, hopping), use hands for fine motor skills (e.g. drawing, cutting) to enable independence in daily tasks.
  • Physiotherapy: Our experienced physiotherapists help your child to control head and neck movements, reach milestones such as roll, sit, crawl and walk at the expected age, and provide support to enhance body posture, strength and muscle tone.
  • Speech Pathology: Our speech pathologists assist your child with communication skills including learning to talk, speech clarity, understanding and using sentences, issues with stuttering and safe swallowing of food and drinks.
  • Dietetics: Our dietitians understand your child’s food sensitivities, intolerance and allergies, assess fussy eating habits, poor growth and failure to thrive. They design a nutritious diet plan to improve eating habits and enhance overall health of your child.from this sourcedirectoryreplica watch usaelf bar vape pricesmartphonehoesjescompany website
  • Psychology: Our psychologists understand your child’s behaviour, relationship, family and parenting issues. Provide support strategies to promote your child’s self-esteem and assertiveness, manage emotions including anxiety and depression.

Service available for NDIS or self-funded clients

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