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Corporate health services for businesses

CBCHS offers businesses within the City of Kingston, free and confidential support to design and implement strategies which improve employee health and business outcomes.

Why focus on health in your business? 

Workplaces that provide a healthy environment and culture are more likely to have satisfied and productive employees, and lower costs associated with sick leave, injury (including mental health injury), illness and staff turnover.

Effective workplace health programs don’t have to increase business costs. Incorporating a health and wellbeing focus in business Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) programs can help your business spot and address the relationship between safety, work environment and the health of employees.

CBCHS Health Promotion team is funded to help you do this using no cost/low cost, proven strategies which promote organisational development, with a view to improve productivity and create a healthy workplace climate.

For every $1 invested in creating a healthy workplace environment, your business could save up to $5.81 through long-term improvements in business outcomes:

  • Increased employee productivity by 300%
  • Decreased absenteeism and injury
  • Retaining and attracting talented workers. Three in five Victorian employees consider an employer’s attitude to health when looking for a new job.
  • Reduce unhealthy worker “risk factors” such as smoking, drinking alcohol, insufficient physical activity and excess body weight which can lead to workers taking up to 9 times more sick leave than healthy workers.

Want to improve the health of your staff but don’t know where to start? Take a look at these case studies:  


CBCHS has partnered with Kingston City Council to deliver Kingston B-Well. The new open access webpage will provide links to free generalised resources and templates for businesses. Some examples are provided below. To received support to develop and monitor a tailored program for your workplace, remember to contact us!

Business Health Resources: 

Email Prevention@cbchs.org.au    Phone  8587 0214

Or complete the Kingston B-Well Enquiry Form

CBCHS offers free tailored one-on-one support with a personal health promotion consultant to implement an effective health and wellbeing approach: 

  • Health training | We can help you identify low/no cost training options for managers or staff to support their health.
  • Wellbeing events, webinars and activities| Attend events and workshops featuring guest speakers, key tips and local examples of how to address common workplace health issues. For information or to request a topic please contact 8587 0214.
  • Corporate health discounts| We work with a range of local health businesses to negotiate discounts and deals to support staff health.
  • Health campaigns, fact sheets, posters and resources | Creating a workplace culture where health is a priority, can be challenging. We can support you to engage your staff through tailored resources, competitions and campaigns.
  • Tailored workplace health programs| We can work with teams to develop a workplace health program that will deliver a return on investment. This includes audit tools and support to identify staff needs, plan strategies and connect with local services available.
  • Recognition| Support to help your business stand out in tender applications including receiving recognition from the Victorian Government.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you to tailor a strategy for your business.

Email Prevention@cbchs.org.au    Phone  8587 0214

Or complete the Kingston B-Well Enquiry Form