News 3 October, 2019

CBCHS is seeking to partner with local sporting clubs in the City of Kingston to support healthy environments for members, participants, volunteers and spectators through healthy, profitable canteens and gender equitable sports clubs.

What are the benefits to a healthy and inclusive club?

  • a larger, more diverse membership base bringing a range of skills and abilities to the club
  • improved sporting performance – taking your club from good to great!
  • increased sponsorship opportunities
  • improved understanding of sports nutrition and everyday healthy food and drink choices
  • the potential to increase canteen sales and club revenue; and
  • a richer club environment in which members appreciate and learn from each other’s backgrounds and experiences.

Whether you’re looking to learn more or are not sure where to start when it comes to healthy changes, we are able to provide support and resources to assist.

Get in touch with the Health Promotion team to find out how we can support your club on 8587 0101 or prevention@cbchs.org.au.