News 3 October, 2019

Who are you?

A ‘recovering perfectionist’ trying to unlearn perfection and let life happen! From being a self-inflicted workaholic, I have come a full circle to talk to butterflies in my garden and find magic in this miraculous life. I love being in love with my husband, going for long walks by the beach, and practicing yoga.

What attracted you to join CBCHS?

To find a ‘purposeful’ job, where I could help make an impact on some of the most special lives. This opportunity landed in my inbox one morning – it was a beautiful alignment of my skill set and the organisation’s needs.

Job summary:

To support the strategic growth agenda of the organisation and find opportunities navigating through disruption caused by the NDIS and other Government policy changes. To deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients by engaging our staff and volunteers in the most innovative and efficient ways by streamlining processes, optimising services, identifying partnerships and strategic collaborations to realise a clear vision of sustainable growth, whilst maintaining service excellence.


What do you hope to achieve in the role?

A unified vision, bringing the organisation together on the journey of growth. It is my belief that sustainable growth happens when every person looks for better ways of doing things, challenging the status-quo and expecting more from themselves and their peers – that is what drives real transformation and growth. Some of the world’s biggest success stories did not come from doing different things, they came from doing the same thing differently.


A couple of quotes that I penned down at important milestones of my life…

“When your mind sets forth to achieve it, ‘Impossible’ becomes ‘I’m Possible” – Amrita Ahluwalia

“Success lies in the relentless pursuit of doing better than your best” – Amrita Ahluwalia