News 15 December, 2020

We are proud to present our  Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-2022.

This is an extension of our Reflect RAP 2018 – 2019 which has established a solid base to strengthen relationships, further build respect and create opportunities for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We believe that reconciliation is an ongoing journey and collaborative relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations form the foundation of any approach to repair inequality.

Our Innovate RAP sets out our goals to contribute meaningfully to reconciliation. We will continue to drive the shared agenda to close the gap on Aboriginal health inequality and keep working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to guide our way.

While COVID-19 delayed the publication of this plan, it has not impeded our commitment to improving Aboriginal health. We look forward to officially launching the RAP at a special event in March 2021.

About the artwork by local Aboriginal Artist, Tammy Chatfield

The artwork represents the coastline that is so familiar to maps that include Mordialloc. The sea dragons have the ability to blend into their environment but equally they stand out in their beauty.

Water hosts and provides life so it was important to not only include sea water but also fresh. The spotted pardalote is small, musical, colourful and they live high in the canopy of the eucalypt trees. The eucalypt leaves are used in smoking ceremonies to cleanse the place and people within it.

The plants mimic the symbolism from nature that is often seen in Aboriginal symbols and in this case a place of meeting. The plants are local to the area and are used for food, fibre and medicine. The circles are inclusive and provide a place to meet and gather without rank and with respect.