News 6 March, 2020

My first experience of Central Bayside Disability Services was as a 15-year-old student on work placement. I was welcomed in and learnt a lot from wonderful clients and staff about compassion, acceptance and the true meaning and rewards of caring. My fondest memories will always be the joy I felt working so closely with such wonderful people and the connections we built together.

After I finished high school, applied for a casual position and within a few months; I was a permanent member of the Central Bayside family. Eventually I moved over to the Clayton site where Angela Schepis and her team encouraged me to grow, complete further studies, and supported me on my return to work after I suffered a brain haemorrhage.

My return to work involved planning time where I developed further skills and soon moved into a leadership role as Acting Team Leader. I was nervous about applying for the permanent position as I was due for another brain surgery. The day before my leave started, Julie Torcasio offered me the position with complete faith that I would be fine, giving me confidence that my condition would not be a setback for my career at Central Bayside.

I returned from maternity leave last year to a new role in quality and compliance. I met Deb Stuart, CEO, and Amrita Ahluwalia, GM, who along with the amazing women already in the ACO leadership team have shown me how much women can accomplish when they support and encourage each other. I see great things ahead for Central Bayside Community Health Services and am excited to be part of the journey.

Stacey Jones