News 26 May, 2020

Podiatry at CBCHS treats a wide range of foot conditions.

Wound/ulceration care is an area where we are leading the way by using a custom database designed by the CBCHS podiatry team. The database aids the podiatrist in tracking how the ulceration is progressing with graphs of progress, photos and being able to quickly record dressings and padding used.

In addition, the temperature of the ulceration is recorded which, in combination with the pain scale, can often identify early signs of infection which may require antibiotics.

Another benefit of the database is that reports can be auto-generated quickly for doctors or nurses outlining all the treatment and the progress of the ulceration. This allows easy, detailed communication for more effective co-ordinated client care amongst all the health professionals involved.

CBCHS podiatry is also currently using the database to research healing times for ulcerations and the relationship to vascular status.

The podiatry service continues to run during the Covid-19 pandemic for medium to high priority clients.

Podiatry is employing high standards of infection control with thorough clinic cleaning between clients and the podiatrist wearing a mask and wrap around eye protection to keep you safe.

Please contact 8587 0200 for an appointment.