News 30 June, 2020

When feedback matters most! Testimonials from our clients attending our Online Programs and receiving Support at Home during COVID-19 lockdown.

“My son is SO HAPPY with the support he has received with both CBCHS support workers that he has chosen to double the hours of support per week. He is enjoying everything, even losing in Battleships!”

“I am really so pleased with the program my son has. He is all smiles when he knows he is going in the bus and to the Centre….it has brought some reality back into what, for him and many of the guys, must be a weird world at the moment. He is just so pleased to go and comes home happy.  That is ‘his thing’ that I have no part of and it is great that you managed to come up with something for him that is ‘his’. He seems to enjoy the change of staff as well – different people, different interests. I am very grateful to Central Bayside for finding something that has meaning for them to do. There are no negatives, only positives and I am so glad we were able to take part.”

“Our CBCHS support worker was very caring, professional and prepared. I also appreciate that they have their PPE. I would not hesitate to use the 1:1 in home support again in the future.”

“My son came home with giggles, in such a great mood. Loving the opportunity to get some fresh air with staff he was familiar with. I would like to increase 1:1 support to 5 days next week.”

“My daughter has been so excited to have staff come and support her that she’s wanted to finish her brekky early so she wouldn’t miss out on spending time with the staff. The shift today was lovely, she went for a nice walk around St Kilda park and enjoyed the garden in the sunshine. I am very happy and grateful that CBCHS’s ACO service have been able to provide support for my daughter.”

“I really enjoyed the Online Program this morning and chatting with everyone.”

Client: “I loved the online session today.”

Client’s mum: “My daughter was really thrilled with it, we set her up on the computer in our back office.  I can really picture her sitting there and loving it, feeling very accomplished doing this program.”

“My son, is participating in your online learning. He is enjoying it very much – it gives him some structure in his day and helps him feel connected socially. It is also giving him a new communication skill! My Husband & I have been listening in, in the background and I want to give my complements to all involved with setting up the program. It is quite interactive, the presenter is very enthusiastic and does a great job making sure that all of the participants are involved. The regular phone calls from the CBCHS team have been very much appreciated to keep us informed.”

“The team have done a great job in engaging my son, giving him some good and varied experiences, and giving him some exercise each day which is really important.  He comes home happy and will sit and watch TV which means I can keep working.  He’s pretty tired at the end of the day which means it’s been a good and fulfilling day for him.”

Our centre-based and community support programs are now operating with COVID-safe measures in place. Online Programs and Home Support are also available.  Visit https://www.cbchs.org.au/services/disability-services/ to find out more.