News 5 May, 2021

At CBCHS we proudly tailor our NDIS Disability Programs to meet the individual needs and goals of our clients.

A good example of this is the support we are providing to Yucel – a client at our Clayton centre.

One of the goals in Yucel’s NDIS Plan is ‘to be supported to access and participate in community-based activities.’  In his client Support Plan his aim is ‘to do more spontaneous activities and experience new things.’

Through discussions with Yucel’s Supported Accommodation provider, we found that he enjoys bike riding – an activity he used to do with his dad.

While bike riding is not a new activity for Yucel, it is new to our disability service at Clayton.

One of our staff members, Adrienne (an avid bike rider) took on the job of finding a way to introduce cycling as an activity for Yucel. She discovered a bike path that would be perfect – Djerring Trail, which runs alongside the Cranbourne and Pakenham railway lines.

We chose to ‘give it a go’ at Clayton.  We arranged for Yucel to bring in his bike and two of our staff brought theirs.  He was so happy, lots of smiles and high fives in anticipation.  We all rode along the Djerring Trail to Oakleigh where we stopped at a café for a well-deserved cappuccino. Another love of Yucel’s.

You could see how much Yucel loved the experience – he smiled all the way along the ride and when he returned to the centre.  We have gone on many rides since the first expedition. In fact, Yucel now keeps a bike and helmet on site so he can go cycling when he wants to.

Thinking outside the square, staff member Adrienne put a request out to the local cycling community for a bike so we could continue to support Yucel.  Thanks to a generous donation from Velo Threapy in Seaford, our Clayton team now have a bike they can use whenever Yucel is ready to roll!

It’s now a regular activity for Yucel to ride along the Djerring Trail with staff support, and they often end up in Oakleigh for a coffee and morning tea – Rizogalo (Greek rice pudding) is Yucel’s choice.

For more Information on our wide range of Disability Support Services, please visit Disability Support Services Bayside Melbourne | Disability Day Programs (cbchs.org.au)

We can’t thank Velo Therapy enough for helping us support Yucel.

Velo Therapy Australia – 1/36 Wells Road Seaford phone 9776 8096.