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Sports clubs and recreation facilities are well placed to promote positive health and wellbeing. A club or facility that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful helps to foster environments that support the health and wellbeing of all their members and visitors.

CBCHS Health Promotion Team offers free, one-on-one support to sports clubs and recreation facilities to create health promoting environments that benefit the wellbeing of the whole community.

Healthy Sports Clubs

Healthy Sports Clubs focuses on a whole-club approach that addresses club connections, culture, and environment to support the health and wellbeing of club members.

The initiative offers nine health areas, which clubs can select from to work on:



  • Inclusion
  • Mental Wellness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Healthy Food & Beverages
  • Preventing Drug Harm
  • Smoke-free Clubs
  • Physical Activity & Active Recreation
  • Responsible Alcohol Consumption
  • Sun Protection



Our team can provide your club with support and a suite of tools and resources to progress through the initiative. We can also support your club in initiatives that contributes to some of the health areas of Healthy Sports Clubs, including:

Vic Kids Eat Well (VKEW) for Healthy Food & Beverages

VKEW is a state-wide movement dedicated to transforming the food and drink environments where children and families spend their time, including sports clubs and rec centres. The movement focuses on four key actions of:

  • Reducing sugary drinks
  • Reducing confectionary and unhealthy snacks
  • Increasing healthier food and drink
  • Removing unhealthy food marketing

Sports Clubs are eligible to claim a range of rewards for providing healthy food and beverage options as part of the food service and fundraising. Our team can work with your club or facility’s canteen or vending providers to ensure that healthy food and drinks are promoted and provided to your members and visitors.

Gender Equity Audits for Inclusion

Sports clubs can help create environments where women are safe, included, valued, and can participate equally. We can help you to assess your club to celebrate its strengths, and identify and support opportunities for enhancing gender equity within the club’s policies, culture, leadership roles, facilities, on and off the field.

 Health Incentive Provider (HIP) Program

Being healthy shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money. That’s why our Health Promotion Team has created the Health Incentive Provider (HIP) Program to connect our community members with local gyms, sports equipment retailers, pharmacies and grocers offering health-related products and services at a discounted price.

The HIP Program:

  • Offers access to discounted health promoting products and services to local organisations*
  • Supports local community members and local businesses to thrive
  • Encourages local organisations to support their club community to make healthy choices

If your organisation is interested in accessing the HIP Program for your community, please complete an Expression of Interest or get in touch with us to find out more.

*To be eligible for this program, your organisation must be within the City of Kingston and be in a current partnership with Central Bayside Community Health Service’s Health Promotion Team

Women in Local Sport Facebook Group

Developed in partnership with female leaders and volunteers in the sporting community, the Women in Local Sport Facebook group aims to celebrate, share, connect and grow the participation and achievements of women in local sport across the City of Kingston.

Join the Women in Local Sport Facebook group.

Useful resources

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