adult speech therapy

Speech Pathologists work with adults to diagnose and treat problems related to swallowing and communication such as:

  • Speech and language difficulties
  • General communication
  • Swallowing problems like choking or coughing on food and drinks
  • Memory problems
  • Voice problems

Service Description

Our qualified Speech Pathologist can help you with a range of issues including:

  • Individualised assessment such as assessing your mealtimes for safety issues
  • Therapy to help you communicate better or swallow safely
  • Work with you to meet your goals
  • Education in alternative ways of communicating
  • Providing education and support to your family, carer or other support person
  • Recommending communication aids to make communication easier
  • Work with you to improve your social interaction and community participation
  • Linking you to other health professionals or services
  • Supporting NDIS clients with their NDIS plans.

More information

Swallowing and Eating
Problems with eating and swallowing can result from disability, surgery, stroke, illness, a variety of medical conditions or even stress and anxiety. Assessment and therapy aims to improve your eating/swallowing and your quality of life.

We can address any area of your language: reading, writing, understanding, good communication, difficulties arising from stroke, head injury or neurological disease.

Speech and Articulation
Therapy focusing on improving the clarity of your speech.  Covers a wide range of areas including speech difficulties after a stroke, neurological disease or head injury, and general speech clarity.

What should I expect on my first visit?

At the initial appointment we will meet with you and your support person (if appropriate) to discuss and assess your concerns with communication or swallowing. We can then create goals and work out the best plan to help you.

What other services are available?

The Speech Pathology service is part of a comprehensive integrated Allied Health Team which can also refer you to other services and group activities to help improve health, wellbeing and social connection.


People aged 65 years and over

Adolescents or adults who have ‘Capacity Building’ supports in their NDIS plan.


Fees are set in line with our Client Fees Policy. Fees contribute to the cost of providing and sustaining quality health services. No client will be denied a service because of an inability to pay.

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