News 3 October, 2019

Since commencing in November 2018, over 30 participants have completed the Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark (GLAD) program established at our Parkdale site.

The six-week education and exercise program caters to people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms and reflects the latest research evidence to reduce symptoms of arthritis and improve quality of life.

Client satisfaction survey results have shown attendees report feeling more confident, in less pain and have an increased understanding of their condition. Many also appreciate the opportunity to meet others experiencing similar challenges.

“I really wish I had known about the program when I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I used to believe there wasn’t much I could do in my condition but now I know there are exercises I can do.”

“I am managing my pain better. I can exercise anywhere. It has educated me with information and I have met other people with the condition.”

For more information about GLAD, please contact 8587 0200