News 22 June, 2020

During COVID lockdown, our Disability Services team provided 1:1 Home Support to many clients while our centre-based programs were temporarily closed.

This enabled our differently abled clients to receive caring support in the safety and comfort of their own homes, with programs tailored to meet individual needs and goals.

We asked our team about their experiences delivering this service during the pandemic and what they enjoyed most. Here’s what they had to say:

“I am passionate about 1:1 support as I’m able to invest my time in one person and their interests. Spending the day together allows you to further develop a relationship through quality conversation and interaction whilst having the ability to undertake a variety of community inclusion activities and opportunities.” Josh

“Being a mother of three, I can associate with our families that need support, especially through this current climate. My drive was instinctual and unquestionable to support our clients and their parents. In doing so, the personal connection with our families has been a great insight of understanding and more awareness. Fulfilling, needs, desires and expectations for that day. Talking with parents about their child’s great time, hearing their gratitude, and seeing smiley happy faces driving away, is priceless and heart-warming.” Terina

“I feel blessed to be able to work in the 1:1 Support Team and assisting at home with my client.  When I see a smiling face awaiting me.  That’s when I know what I do is all worth it. The changes in his responses and interactions, and in his community access with walking more confidently and knowing he is willing to be part of his local community.  I have been seeing less impulsive behaviour, and a wonderful  satisfaction of knowing that I have helped to keep him calm in the middle of the changing Covid19 environment . I love working in disability, I love knowing that what I do makes a difference, in helping my client achieve their goals.” Lisa

“I enjoy working 1:1 with clients as this allows more time and freedom for the client to choose their preferred activity and identify areas of interest for them. I have built up good working relationships with my clients, which has given them the confidence to explore new goals and aspirations, whilst also building their confidence and skills. This is an empowering support that does not always happen in larger group settings, it is more personalised and very client focused.” Duncan

“Providing 1:1 Support is a great way to connect with people working from their homes and out in the community. It supports independence and the individual needs and interests of those accessing the service. I am happy to be a part of helping people and their families achieve their own goals and being a part of the community.” Shelley

“I am very pleased to be doing 1:1 Home Support. It’s only for two hours each Monday, but every time is better.  My client likes sunshine, loud dogs and people in the park. We always make time to play catch and throw (with a ball and scarf that are disinfected after each session). I feel so grateful to be doing the work I love.” Kay

“I really enjoy working one-on-one with my clients. I get to meet people I don’t usually work with and really get to know the clients as individuals. I love seeing them in their homes, with their families and out and about, when usually I am unable to. It makes me really happy to see how much they enjoy and gain from personal attention.” Svetlana 

“I love my job, and I do it to help make someone’s day the best it can be and at the moment that means working out a way to offer 1:1 Support.  I have loved meeting new clients and families in this role and seeing how happy the support we can offer is making our clients.” Louise

“I believe that 1:1 client support is the most effective way in engaging and connecting our clients within the community. Providing our clients with meaningful experiences that is empowering. I support our clients in achieving their NDIS goals and being a firm believer in Social Role Valorisation, I focus on what a person can accomplish and achieve when given the right support. I believe that we all have the capacity to learn and grow throughout our lives and what I love about providing 1:1 client support is seeing our clients living their best lives like we all want to. With respect, dignity, value and equality.” Adrienne