News 19 May, 2022
Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Julie and Margaret’s Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) Story

Julie: “When I first signed up to volunteer for the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS), it wasn’t about not having enough to do in my life. My big belief in life is that Everybody should have Somebody and, I wanted to be someone else’s “Somebody”. I feel very blessed to be a part of such a beautiful program, it helps fill my cup! My CVS friend Margaret, welcomed me not only into her home but also into her life. It was a match made in the stars! We quickly learned that we shared the same birthday and a love of fish & chips. Margaret is such a beautiful, positive soul and it does me so much good to spend time with her.”

Margaret: “Julie is like a breath of fresh air! She comes in and is just so happy and you can’t help but be happy in her presence. We have so much fun and laughter when we are together and I look forward to her phone calls and visits.”

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