CBCHS is playing a key role in supporting people with Coronavirus to get the care they need through the COVID Positive Pathways program.

The CBCHS COVID Positive Pathways program is a Telehealth service that provides medical support to patients in the south east region of Melbourne who test positive for COVID-19.

Working in collaboration with the Monash Health South East Public Health Unit, the program operates seven days a week and is run by a team of nurses, allied health professionals, clinicians, GPs, support workers and administration staff.

The program assists patients with COVID-19 to access quality care and support at the right time and in the right setting. Access to social and welfare supports is also provided if required to help people isolate safety.

To contact our COVID Positive Pathways team, please phone 8587 0399.

For more information about the COVID Positive Pathways Program, please visit the Victorian Government Coronavirus website.