News 4 June, 2019

meet Nick Ursu Who are you?
I’m a working parent to two beautiful girls, aged 8 and 10, who are desperate to see where I work and meet our clients! I love reading, gardening and swapping home grown produce, particularly in summer. I’m focussing on non-fiction at the moment and can highly recommend the inspirational Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

Job summary:
The purpose of the refocussed People & Culture role is to ensure our people are considered when we make decisions. I’m a fan of Richard Branson’s quote: ‘If you look after your staff they will look after your customers.’ One of the ways CBCHS plans to do this is by focussing on improving communication and staff development.

What attracted you to join CBCHS?
The values, purpose and the leadership team. Having recently lost my best friend/father, I wanted to work for an organisation that lived and breathed client-focussed service. It was also an opportunity to bring together all of my experience and skills into the one job.

What do you hope to achieve in the role?
There are so many wonderful opportunities to improve how we work with our people that I must admit at first it was a challenge to pick just a few. Talent development, improving our People Matter feedback to support employee engagement and importantly reshaping People & Culture from Human Resources to a focus on the employee experience rather than just compliance. We can’t do this alone and I’m looking forward to work with you wherever we can.

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